Shanghai Xuanzhou Industry is a professional manufacturer of silicone foam and silicone rubber. Years along, we dedicate not only into fine quality series of foamed silicone products, but also into constant developing new products. There are two main categories: Series of Silicone Rubber Sheets and Series of Silicone Foams with Open Cell. We also supply a whole set of series of products for garment ironing industry---such as polyester fabrics for ironing table, felt, stainless steel wire gauze, copper wire and so on.

        Our series of Silicone Foam with Open Cell products have the quality of high temperature resistance, excellent breathing, and high pressure resistance. This series of products is your excellent choice for suit ironing and delicate garment manufacturing and ironing industry. Our series of Silicone Rubber sheets foam very even, and can endure high temperature and high pressure. Especially our newly developed foamed Silicone Rubber exceeds ordinary silicone rubber because our silicone rubber pad is made of pure silicone. This newly developed Silicone Rubber foams evenly and fully.

        We have various kinds of Silicone series of products according to different requests in garment ironing industry. All of our products are customized. Your joining with us is sincerely welcomed.

        Series of Silicone Rubber Sheets:
            1.Silicone Rubber Pad with Hole
            2.Fabric Impression Silicone Rubber Pad
            3.Unfoamed Silicone Rubber Pad

        Series of Silicone Foams with Open Cell
            SIP-10∼45 Series
            SIP-HS series

        With our principles of constant innovation, responsible attitude, professional excellence and integrity, we hope to offer you a better product and a better service.

        APPLILCATION: used on garment ironing instrument, heat transfer pressing machine, electric instrument gasket, seal gasket, high temperature filters and so on.

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